Environmental Policy

Park Foot is very aware of its impact on the environment and community. We are trying our best at being committed to ethical, responsible and sustainable tourism.

Our principles are “Go Greener” and can be summarised using the following points:

  • Reduce & Recycle
  • Conserve energy
  • Be water wise
  • Walk or use public transport
  • Reduce our carbon footprint where we can
  • Buy locally and ethically
  • Eliminate single use packaging
  • Respect nature
  • Support green business
  • Be good neighbours and have a positive impact on the local community

These principles has been pursued and implemented by the following:


Minimising waste going to landfill

  • We recycle all our waste. Recycling includes clothing, glass, metal, paper ,card, soft and hard plastic
  • General waste is taken away by Biffa
  • We actively encourage our guests to recycle through signage and a large recycling area
  • We have a recycling shed so that we can recycle
  • Our online booking system saves huge amounts of paper and in conjunction with email saves paper and have discontinued plastic receipts.
  • We have discontinued plastic straws from our Bar
  • We have moved to recyclable take away cups


Using sustainable energy sources

  • Fossil fuels have been, where possible, replaced with biomass woodchip.
  • Solar panels are used.
  • Twelve oil and gas boilers which previously supplied the office, restaurant, bar, services, self-catering properties and shop were replaced 6 years ago with one 199kw biomass boiler in conjunction with 15000 litres of hot water storage capacity.
  • All the hot water and heating in our bar, restaurant, shop, office, cottages and two toilet/shower blocks are sourced from our renewable energy wood chip fed biomass boiler.

Minimising energy use

  • We minimise our electricity usage through metering and the selection of appropriate power sources
  • All our buildings are thermally insulated to high levels
  • All in-house lighting uses low energy
  • 95% of our lighting is LED
  • PV panels offset our electrical use
  • We have sensory lighting in our toilet/shower blocks
  • We have hand dryers instead of hand towels in toilet blocks


Minimising water consumption

  • All taps and showers are push button operated to prevent water wastage
  • All super touring pitches have water hook ups which prevents wasting water


Maximising environmental benefits

  • A large variety of wildlife exists on the park including red squirrels, insects, fish, song birds, red/roe deer, badgers, foxes, frogs and rabbits
  • We have placed bird and animal boxes around the park as well as bird feeders and insect boxes.
  • We have planted 10,000 native trees to date.
  • We have an extensive tree planting and felling program which has substantially moved us towards being fully self-sufficient for woodchip
  • We use only eco-friendly cleaning products on site.
  • We have drinking water points throughout or park so that customers can bring their own bottle and fill up, rather than buying plastic ones.
  • We have planted wild flower seeds and created areas of uncut grass to create wildlife corridors to give nature a helping hand.
  • We have our own hive of bees that are bust pollinating our wild flowers.


Keeping it local

  • If there is a local source, then we endeavour to use it.
  • We source and promote a product range which supports local farms and food producers and minimises our environmental impact.
  • Eggs, bacon, jams and local food gifts, sold in the shop are sourced locally.
  • Local beer is sold in our bar
  • The wood chip used in our biomass boiler is a waste product sourced locally
  • We use local contractors and suppliers for all goods and services.
  • For products not available locally, we stock as ethically as possible.






Promoting sustainable transport

  • We have purchased three electric vehicles for staff to use around the park, charged from our own solar PV panels.
  • We have bikes available to hire, to promote cycles as a means of transport.
  • We promote the local bus service which runs to and from Penrith and also the bus service which runs to other parts of the Lake District. ‘Hop on, Hop off, which is a great way to see the Lakes.
  • We promote the use of ‘Ullswater Steamers’, which is a great way to visit different parts of Ullswater, rather than driving.


  • We raise money each year for Patterdale mountain rescue, having a collection at the reception/Bar.
  • We have created an option for customers to donate to red squirrels and Patterdale mountain rescue, when they make a booing.
  • We support Pooley Bridge in Bloom, with our own in house local gardener
  • Each year we give out charitable auction prizes.
  • We have supported ‘Pooley Bridge’ by purchasing two pavers for the new bridge which sets to open in 2020. This goes towards fundraising for ‘good causes ‘in Pooley Bridge.
  • Our staff, are whenever possible sourced locally. They feel included in our Go Greener way and often have the best suggestions for our family owned business.
  • We support the local Parish Council by providing help to the garden (award)
  • We clear the local roads of snow in winter to help residents get about
  • Caravans and lodges are in Lake District environmental colours or built with locally sourced stone

Increase use of sustainable transport

The most sustainable ‘transport’ of all, namely walking and cycling, is exceptionally well catered for.  Maps of walks and rides are available on our website and at reception. We have a secure bike storage area for customers arriving on their own bikes and bikes for hire.